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Try iOS 15 features at their testing phase

iOS 15 Beta was the pre-release version of Apple's iOS 15 operating system for mobile devices, introduced at the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 7, 2021. 

Developer beta testing

Instead of releasing to everyone with an iPhone, iOS 15 Beta is only accessible to developers that enroll. It will launch new features during the beta’s lifespan, giving developers a chance to test and see if there are any faults. You will need to wait a few hours for the beta to update for the required changes to take place.

New features of iOS 15

The iOS 15 Beta included several new features relevant to both consumers and developers. These features focused on enhanced communication tools, the ability to concentrate on specific life aspects, on-device intelligence, and interaction with the world around the user.

FaceTime updates

The introduction of SharePlay in FaceTime, although belated considering the pandemic's peak, brings a significant enhancement to the platform. This feature is designed to enrich the user experience, whether it’s for watching a TV show with friends from afar or providing remote technical assistance. SharePlay, along with screen sharing capabilities, adds a new dimension of interactivity and convenience to FaceTime, making digital connections more engaging and supportive.

Focus modes

Focus Modes in iOS mark a step forward in personalizing the user experience. Apple has introduced this feature to enable users to create specific profiles that filter notifications based on the selected mode. Initially, users are presented with three default modes: Work, Bedtime, and Personal. Setting up each mode involves selecting which contacts and applications can send notifications. 

Additionally, Focus Status can be activated, informing others of your unavailability when they try to reach you through compatible apps. This requires third-party app developers to integrate Apple’s API, allowing this feature to extend beyond Apple's ecosystem to other popular messaging platforms.

Live text

Live Text is a notable addition to iOS 15, mirroring the functionality found in Google Lens. This feature allows your device to recognize text in photos, transforming it into actionable data. From copying phone numbers to translating text from a foreign menu, Live Text enhances user interaction with images, making information more accessible and utilizable.

Maps, Weather and Photos

The Apple Maps app in iOS 15 has seen a significant upgrade in visual richness and detail. Users can now observe more nuanced map elements such as individual trees, lanes, and traffic lights. The Photos app also receives substantial updates, particularly in the Memories feature, allowing users more control over content and background music in their memories. Additionally, users can now edit picture descriptions to create more comprehensive alt text.

The Spotlight search feature has been improved to include photos in search results, utilizing Apple’s machine learning for object detection, although it may still be prone to inaccuracies.

One of the iOS 15 Beta tools you’ll be able to test is a new Apple Maps reporting feature. If something happens in your area, you can indicate it with the tap of an icon and some text. When Apple receives enough of these reports to confirm it, other users will be able to see it as a warning on their maps.

More features

Additional enhancements included new customization options for Memoji, a complete redesign of Safari with support for web extensions, new functionalities in the Health app, secure paste feature, and offline support for Siri​.

Apple's Digital Legacy program, improved VoiceOver capabilities, a redesigned Apple Pay interface, a new panorama mode in the Camera app, and the ability to find supported models of AirPods using FindMy were among other updates.

The Software Update section in Settings allowed users to choose between staying on the previous major version with security updates or moving to the latest version for feature and security updates. Temporary iCloud storage for device transfers, additional system widgets, improved organization in the Reminders app, and QuickNotes on iPadOS for easy note-taking with the Apple Pencil were also introduced​.

Is iOS beta risky?

Using a beta version of iOS, like any other beta software, carries inherent risks, including potential data loss or corruption. To mitigate these risks, it's crucial to regularly back up your device before installing the beta version. This precaution helps safeguard important data and files, ensuring that your experience with the beta version is as secure and stable as possible.

Is my iPhone compatible with iOS 15 beta?

Determining if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 15 beta is straightforward. The new iOS 15 supports a wide range of iPhone models, essentially including all devices that were compatible with iOS 14

This encompasses a broad spectrum of iPhones, starting from the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, all the way through to the latest models available at the time of its release. This compatibility ensures that a significant number of users can experience the latest features and enhancements offered in iOS 15 beta, providing continuity and inclusivity in the user experience across various generations of iPhone devices.

Our take

iOS 15 Beta is the intermediate step between iOS 14 and the upcoming update for iPhones and iPads. While not everyone can participate, you can enroll as a developer. If you get lucky to be one of the few to access the app, there are plenty of features you’ll be able to test until the official launch of the new operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a developer interested in testing new features and providing feedback.


  • Can revert to the previous operating system
  • New features for you to test
  • Incident reporting
  • New FaceTime tools


  • You need to enroll as a developer
  • Unstable due to testing
  • Occasional app crashes

Program available in other languages

iOS 15 Betafor iOS


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