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Lets you hop from place to place with the best deals

No one has time to burn trying to look for cheap flights. You can play the waiting game uncertain of when you’ll catch one. But Hopper is a flight booking app that will let you do that without having to wait for months.

Those days are gone

You’d fare better off if you just did the research yourself

People have mastered how to find cheap flights. When asked, they will give you ways to perform the technical gymnastics you need to do for it. The most common ways are booking connected flights, collecting points, and keeping eagle eyes on schedules.

Hopper works by examining fares from schedules up to one year in advance which will give you an idea when to purchase. 

Scroll through different selections that the award-winning app has prepared for you. It analyzes billions of flights all over the world to give you its most definitive estimate. Hopper gives you reports on its forecast in the form of a timeline. 

Its straightforward interface lets you filter schedules out. Calendar dates will in the colors green, yellow, orange, or red depending on its price. Minimize the chances of losing sight of an affordable trip by purchasing a flight in-app. The process will now take you longer than a minute.

Get yourself on a plane to Vegas or your dream vacation getaway without sweat by downloading this app.

Stall all you want

Prices may go down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for you. Patience is key with this feature. Wait it out for the prices to decline satisfactorily. The flight app will watch the apps you’ve taken note of for you. View cheap flight deals on your feed or receive push notifications once the price dips.

Waiting will also give you more time to plan your trip. The app also suggests affordable hotels you can stay in.

Where can you run this program?

Use the app on any Android or iOS device. It requires a minimum of Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0.

Is there a better alternative?

There’s an app that will go over a thousand different airlines to find the flight for you. Skyscanner will also direct you to affordable hotels and car rentals. Experience fuss-free traveling by downloading the app. 

Our take

The app is good for getting an idea of ticket prices. But we think it’s more advisable to go the actual airline websites when trying to book.

Should you download it?

No, not really. We’re not super crazy about this app. There’s just too much avoidable risk for something that a quick Google search can do.


  • Gives notifications for good deals
  • Allows you book in-app
  • Free
  • No ads


  • Predictions are only somewhat accurate
  • Only works for economy seats
  • Interface needs improvement

Program available in other languages

Hopperfor Android


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