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Discreet utility to find your stolen Mac

If you've ever worried about losing not only your Mac but all your precious data if someone steals it, then Hidden could be your answer. Hidden is a discreet utility that helps you track down your stolen Mac. It has received a lot of publicity in the media for its ability to assist police in finding stolen Macs.

Hidden works by discreetly activating the iSight camera of a MacBook and taking snapshots of whoever has your Mac. It also collects screen shots of the Mac in use, along with various technical data that can help you or investigators track down your Mac. The utility is easy to use and provides you with precise location information.

One of the key features of Hidden is its ability to take snapshots of criminals, which can be valuable evidence for law enforcement. It also collects various technical data about the precise location of your Mac, helping you track it down.

However, there are a couple of downsides to Hidden. There is no trial version available, so you can't try it out before purchasing. Additionally, if you decide you no longer want the utility, it can be difficult to remove.

Overall, Hidden is a discreet and easy-to-use utility that can help you find your stolen Mac. It provides valuable features like taking snapshots of criminals and collecting technical data about the location of your Mac. However, it lacks a trial version and can be difficult to uninstall.

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