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Convert videos in multiple formats!

If you’ve been looking for an application to transcode or convert videos to different formats, HandBrake is a trustworthy choice. An efficient open-source platform, it’s a free software to convert videos to multiple formats easily and quickly. With a wide range of features, such as presets, capability to add subtitles, and support for numerous formats, HandBrake won’t disappoint.

An open-source and free-to-use tool

The perfect tool to convert your videos without spending a dime.

With HandBrake for Mac, rip your DVDs without paying a penny ever again. Whether you want to convert a few videos or need to manage bulk conversions, the software doesn’t cost a dime. The best part is that HandBrake delivers excellent results without much downtime.

HandBrake (Mac) allows you to codify a double soundtrack while performing two-pass conversions. The bitrate calculator is another excellent feature. It automatically changes the video quality as per the file size.

If the video you’re trying to convert has black edges, they can be easily removed. It helps with the overall display of the final output. Other useful features include subtitles support, chapter selection, and grayscale encoding.

Easy-to-use with loads of features

Unlike its competitors, HandBrake has a simple graphical user interface (GUI). Once you’ve added a video to the list, the software produces an MPEG-4 or any other file format within seconds. However, your computer will need to have appropriate codecs installed for specific file types, such as OGM, Xvid, DivX, 3ivx, and more.

HandBrake supports a wide range of file formats. You can use several DVD-like sources, such as .VOB, VIDEO_TS, .TS files, real DVD, and DVD images. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support unencrypted protection methods internally. As such, something like a CSS library needs to be managed externally with third-party programs.

For large file sizes, you may experience a few crashes on Mac. Nevertheless, it’s not that annoying and lets you get back to work quickly. If you want to rip DVDs, HandBrake is the perfect open-source solution for Mac.

Queue, subtitles, chapters, and more

HandBrake lets you queue files with ease. It’s an excellent feature for anyone looking to transcode several video files in multiple formats. Once you’ve added the files to a queue, just click ‘start’ to initiate the process. As per the presets and settings for each file, all videos in the queue will be instantly transcoded.

If you often use subtitles with video files, HandBrake makes the task easier. Advanced users in multimedia can easily add their own subtitles. If you already have an SRT file, just import it to the program and your job is done.

One of the most interesting features of HandBrake is that it lets you add audio tracks to video files. Since you can add multiple tracks to a file, the viewer can choose a specific audio stream from the video player. Audio tracks can also be named as per your preferences. HandBrake gives you several advanced options, such as the ability to set the bitrate, select the audio codec, fix sample rate, and more.

In comparison to competitors like MakeMKV or Total Video Converter, HandBrake comes with many interesting features. One of the most useful features is the ability to add chapters to videos. It allows you to create sections that can be played from a specific position in the video, making it easier to skip certain parts.

Advanced video options for perfect conversions

In the video tab, you can find advanced settings for a converted video. While the interface for this section is confusing, you’ll get a pretty good hang of it after a few tries. Some of the frequently used advanced settings are focused on video quality, framerate, optimization, bitrate, and video code (MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and H.264). If you want, HandBrake lets you choose a constant frame rate.

It’s easy to set the video quality of a converted file. Since the size of the file is directly proportional to video quality, you can manage the overall video size too. Moreover, HandBrake allows you to set the bitrate, which also affects the size of the final file.

If you want to change the height and width of the video, just explore the ‘Picture’ tab. It gives you the option to crop the video by selecting a specific area on the screen.

Without a doubt, HandBrake is one of the most promising open-source tools for video conversion and transcoding. It can easily and quickly convert videos into multiple formats. What’s the best part? Such an amazing software is completely free!

Where can you run this program?

HandBrake is available for multiple operating systems, thereby allowing seamless cross-platform usage. For Mac, it is recommended to have Mac OS 10.11 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

While HandBrake is a great choice, you might be looking for a few alternatives. If you use too many files in MKV format, MakeMKV could be a sound choice. It’s free and easy-to-use. However, since it’s not officially signed by Apple, you need to explore gatekeeper options to download this software on your Mac OS device.

Another good choice is Total Video Converter. It’s a powerful DVD Burner and Video Converter. The platform can convert any video file to DVD, iPhone, iPad, 3gp, avi, mp4, and other formats. The only drawback is that it’s browser-based, and uploading videos is a slow process. For making engaging videos, training videos, promo videos, and video tutorials, Moovly is a good choice. Though it’s free, it’s also browser-based, thereby affecting upload speeds.

Our take

Overall, HandBrake is an excellent choice for Mac. With this platform, you get complete control over video file conversions. It allows you to set several parameters for the output file, and the simple-to-use interface makes your job easier. If you’ve been using paid software for video file conversions, it’s time to try this one for free.

Should you download it?

Yes, HandBrake for Mac is an impressive, efficient, and hassle-free video encoder. Since it’s free, you don’t have to worry about spending huge sums of money on bulk conversions. It’s the valid choice for all your ripping needs.


  • Quick conversions
  • Changes video quality as per file size
  • Cuts black corners around a video


  • Occasional lags
  • Doesn’t support unencrypted protection
  • Advanced settings can be confusing

Also available in other platforms

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