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Track your connections

With viruses and other harmful bundles of code out there, you need to monitor the devices that connect to your computer and the apps running on it. Glasswire does that and more to keep you safe.

Dig up and remove malware

Glasswire is a piece of software that puts your computer back under your control with its security and monitoring features.

Spyware and malware are a horrible plague on the internet, and your computer may accidentally download one while browsing the internet. While your default firewall by windows does an acceptable job, it lacks the transparency that Glasswire provides. With this software, you can tackle problems head-on and boot unwanted users off of your connection.

Glasswire shows you the previous and present connections your computer has. The interface is easy to navigate and allows for a quick search of the devices your computer communicates with.

It’ll also display any misbehaving applications that are crashing or using too many resources and will automatically deactivate them.

With the correct knowledge about your network, this program gives you complete control of your firewall. From here you can manage applications and ensure the security of your barrier against invaders of all types.

If an event happens or a virus is affecting your desktop, you’ll receive a notification presenting you with a choice on how to handle it. You’ll also see pop-ups with changes to the network that your computer is currently accessing.

While using Glasswire, you do need to check the application and scanners thoroughly. Scanning for devices that are on the same network as you does not reveal any issues such as viruses or malware.

Where can you run this program?

Glasswire is available for Windows 7,8 and 10 as well as mobile devices running Android 5.1 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Some alternatives offer better security features but lack a few of Glasswire’s capabilities. Avast or AVG antivirus are two great defenders to install on your computer that’ll cost less and keep you just as safe.

Our take

Glasswire is a decent application that helps you keep the malware, spyware, and internet hogs off your computer and network.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re prepared to pay the price, then this is a handy software to have installed that’ll keep your PC safe.


  • Monitors PC connections
  • Detects spyware
  • Security and event notifications


  • Difficult to understand

Program available in other languages

GlassWirefor Windows


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