Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Gamefor Windows


Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Game

Food Truck Chef is a free cooking game for Windows developed by Tilting Point. In this game, you become a food truck chef and your mission is to prepare delicious meals for your hungry customers. You will have to work hard to get your food truck up and running and to attract new customers. Cook the food that customers want and be on time. Be creative to attract new customers. Complete tasks like cleaning, ordering food, and serving customers. Be careful not to burn your food. The game features many different recipes with a variety of ingredients. Cook different kinds of food like sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts. Use different cooking methods like grilling, baking, stovetop, or microwaving. Serve customers quickly and correctly to earn more money and attract new customers. Overcome obstacles and manage your time effectively. Compete with friends on the leaderboard and unlock achievements as you play. Enjoy multiplayer mode by competing against your friends.

Food Truck Chef™: Cooking Gamefor Windows

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