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Here’s a refreshing and unique game that takes you on a journey of two people who meet and get to know one another in different situations. It’s not perfect, but it does stand out.

A story without words

Explore the relationship that develops between Florence and Krish with lifelike interactions. Keep your expectations low, though, as some of the story is a bit bland.

Learn about both characters and embark on an exciting adventure. Florence is a dreamer who desires to paint. Krish has high hopes of becoming a cellist. When they stumble upon each other, they go through all the usual stages of a relationship. From the early bouts of flirting to finding one anothers likes and dislikes, you can work with these characters and progress their relationship.You need to complete various tasks along the way. These are key for progression in the game.

There are brief chapters that come together to form the overall story. It’s a bit bland but there are a few activities that keep it engaging. A basic puzzle pieces together to put Florence’s life into perspective. One of the underlying themes in the game is love. The designer’s intentions are to focus on a more romantic vibe rather than action and firefights. It’s a unique choice, but can feel lackluster at times.The chapters each follow one another and represent stages of Florence’s life. You need to take part to guide Florence in her walk through life. Florence grows and changes with every path you decide to venture down.

Share in the mundane tasks like brushing teeth in the morning. You also accompany Florence each day as she commutes to work. You might start to see a trend here. It’s a niche genre with gameplay that is likely to bore a large majority of players.

Where can you run this program?

The game can be played on iOS devices using version 11.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are more captivating games like Will It Ever End that provide more variation throughout the game.

Our take

Florence tries to get players to enact real-life situations throughout the game. The lack of dialogue makes it uninteresting, and you can easily lose the will to play after a short time.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a few short hours, definitely look elsewhere.

Florencefor iOS


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