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Windows ePUB book viewer

ePub Reader for Windows is a PC tool that lets you open and read ePUB files. It’s straightforward yet comprehensive, providing access to a wide range of ebooks, comics, and other document types. There’s also a PDF converter to convert files into a more flexible format. 

Easily-read ebooks

ePUB is the standard format for electronic books on the internet. It changes the text display to fit any device and supports fixed-layouts. Most publishers and conversion houses use it, but not just any app can open and run this format.

That’s where this program comes into play. Unlike Bilo and Google Play Books for Android, it doesn’t feature a library of its own. Instead, it supports downloaded files from any online source without requiring a third-party converter or ebook reader. While it’s not a free tool, you can take advantage of the full-featured trial period before deciding to purchase the app.

Well-organized interface

This program boasts a straightforward, intuitive interface, wrapping powerful features in a basic-looking display. 

Launch the app, and it’ll display a well-organized table of contents for you to browse through. You’ll see the text under each title on the right side for easy access to the exact section or chapter you want.

The scrolling is quick, ensuring no lag as you’re reading through the pages. A zoom feature magnifies the view up to 400% for an improved user experience. When you’re in a document, you’ll find the app controls on the left for smooth navigation. 

Bonus PDF tools

Apart from serving as a reader, this tool lets you convert documents into PDFs for greater flexibility across devices. The conversion feature is straightforward as all its other capabilities. 

Choose the file, click the ‘Convert’ button, and determine the destination folder. The process is quick, but the document might suffer some quality loss. Jagged edges or blurry text are a common occurrence. 

Our take

Overall, ePUB Reader for Windows is quite flexible, performing its tasks without a hitch. The conversion tools aren’t perfect, but they’re a welcome addition. 

Should you download it?

Yes. This tool is a fantastic solution to facilitate your education or entertainment on your PC screen.


  • Easy ePUB format access
  • Quick page loading
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Powerful zoom feature
  • PDF conversion capabilities


  • Low-quality PDF results
  • No built-in library

Program available in other languages

ePUB Reader for Windowsfor Windows


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