Epson Print and Scanfor Windows


Keeping all printers at one place

Epson Print and Scan is the utility that grants you access to printers on your network. You can activate them and make adjustments as needed.

The essential office tool 

Epson Print and Scan is the control HQ for all printing devices in the office

Epson Print and Scan is the software every functioning office should be equipped with. The application serves as an entrance door towards the commands of all printers connected on a particular network. You can command the machines to start scanning or printing. Using this software, you can access the settings menu of every device on the network, from your computer. This is a convenient feature for large offices.

This software is not taxing on your PC, nor is it a large file. However, that does not mean Epson Print and Scan lacks features. This application includes a one-touch feature. You can also detect all the printers in the room. If a connection problem between a printer and the computer occurs, you’ll receive a notification. Which allows you to know which printer is malfunctioning rather than trying to guess which one is having technical issues.

Epson Print and Scan is not compatible with the mobile versions. This means that you won’t be able to control the same printers using your phone. This application is only compatible with Epson printers. The biggest flaw of this software is the tendency for crashing, and this occurs when using the ‘document preview’ feature.

Where can you run this program?

The program is compatible with Windows 8 OS and newer. There is an iOS version as well.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Epson software is the only app that can control Epson printers. Other programs of this kind are compatible with their brand. E.g., Brother app is only compatible with Brother devices.

Our take

This application is the complementary piece of software that you receive after purchasing an Epson printer or scanner. This program makes the usage of the printer more convenient and effective.

Should you download it?

Yes. This is an effective office tool. Features such as one-touch scan and detecting devices give you full control over all printers on the network.


  • Quick access to printer settings
  • Simple interface
  • One-touch scan
  • Manages multiple devices on the network


  • Doesn’t support all devices
  • Can’t save user profiles
  • Prone to crashes
  • Mobile devices unsupported

Epson Print and Scanfor Windows

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