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Free containerizing and coding application

Docker Desktop is a free Mac program that lets you code and containerize operating system environments. Many view it as a virtual machine (VM) like VMWare Workstation and VirtualBox both for Windows, when in fact it helps to set up and remove VMs. It combines the forces of Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Docker Engine in a single, powerful solution.

After you install Docker Desktop, you can run scans to check for any vulnerabilities in the system. It lets you assist with the development of code-to-cloud applications in the Docker hub with a relatively easy-to-use interface. It’s also straightforward to share any of the microservices with your peers.

Key features

Many people who enjoy coding run several virtual machines on their devices, and then they aren’t sure which ones to keep or remove. This creates havoc on the operating system, messing with the computer resources. Docker Desktop runs from a single interface to help you manage all relevant components, and any developer from any experience level will be able to use it.

Coding Kubernetes-ready apps

You can create a certified Kubernetes environment in one click before testing any modern apps that you’ve developed. It also grants access to the Docker Hub so you can work with any cloud-based applications or registries. The platform makes it so easy for you to code that beginners are using it to learn and practice.

Templates and designs

There are several designs and templates available for you to fiddle with so that you can customize them to suit your brand or business. It lets you eliminate manual steps to prevent human error via automated policies. The Application Designer also packs, installs, and manages multi-service apps for you.

Our take

Docker Desktop provides a free and safe terminal for developers to create and test apps in any environment. You can manage any VM software on your device, while it also ensures complete security. Whether you’re a beginner or have a degree in coding, you’ll be able to use this intelligent interface.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you’re a developer of apps and looking for a safe environment to test them without using several VMs on your Mac device. However, it seems to only work effectively on the latest operating systems.


  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Certified Kubernetes environment
  • Manage several VM software
  • Checks for vulnerabilities


  • Not ideal for older operating systems

Docker Desktopfor Mac


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