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Deep Fritz: For chess enthusiasts

Deep Fritz is more than just a chess game; it's a must-have for anyone who loves chess. Made by ChessBase, a leader in chess software, Deep Fritz has everything chess fans need. Whether you're just starting, playing in a club, or are a pro, Deep Fritz is here to help. It adjusts to how well you play, gives tips, warns you of dangers, and even has lessons on different parts of the game. Plus, you can dive into a massive database of a million chess games.

What is Deep Fritz?

Deep Fritz is the top choice for chess software around the globe. It's smart, adjusting its difficulty based on your level, so it's always the right challenge. Deep Fritz doesn't just play chess with you; it also teaches, pointing out risky moves and helping you understand the game better. With tools for learning openings, tactics, and endgames, and access to a huge library of games, Deep Fritz is like having a personal chess coach and library all in one.

What is the difference between Chessbase and Fritz?

To get the most out of your chess software, it's important to know the difference between ChessBase and Fritz.

  • Chess Engine vs. Chess Program: Fritz is a double act: it's the brain that thinks up the chess moves and the program that lets you interact with it. ChessBase, on the other hand, is mainly for looking up and analyzing chess games in detail.
  • What They Offer: Fritz comes as a chess-playing program that can also analyze your games. It's available with different chess brains, like Fritz 15 or Houdini 5. ChessBase sells this program and also offers a separate database tool for deep-diving into chess strategies.
  • Who Should Use Them: Fritz is great for everyone, from new players to chess masters, because it adjusts to your level. ChessBase is more for serious players who want to study games in depth.

Deep Fritz alternatives

If you're looking for other options, here are a few:

  • Chess Titans: This game makes you feel like you're playing on a real chessboard with its 3D look. It's easy to get started, and the game gets harder as you get better, or you can play against another person. It's a good pick if you're using Windows.
  • Free Chess: Simple and straight to the point, Free Chess lets you play chess without any fuss. It has different levels of difficulty and a clear way to see the game, but you can't play online against friends.
  • NetChess: If you like playing chess with friends, NetChess lets you play over a network or the internet. You need two players, but it's a good way to play socially. It also lets you save and look back at your games.

Deep Fritz is a standout in the world of chess software, blending ChessBase's tech-savvy with the game's classic charm.


  • Beginner-friendly tutorials
  • Compact interface


  • Only classic gameplay

Program available in other languages

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