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Free calculator app for Windows devices

Calculator Free for Windows 10 is a very basic free app. It has the essential math functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage. It can also handle decimals and negative numbers. The app performs better than the built-in Windows calculator is the customizable appearance, with four color themes to choose from.

Does Windows 10 have a calculator?

Yes, it does. It’s one of the Windows ‘inbox’ apps, meaning that it’s automatically installed.

The Windows calculator has a good range of math and scientific functions, and an excellent choice of conversion options. Its appearance is purely functional, but it’s extremely useful.

Is there a free calculator app?

Yes. If you want to install a nicer-looking and more functional calculator app, there are hundreds of free options in the Microsoft Store. For example, Calculator Free is highly attractive in its design but quite simple in functions, while other alternative calculator apps are both with high function and still look good.

How do I install Calculator Free?

Calculator Free is available in the Microsoft Store, giving you confidence that you will be downloading it from a reputable source. Surprisingly, it’s not available from the developer’s website. 

Is there a paid version of Calculator Free?

No, there isn’t, but the great thing is that there are no ads and no paywall for access to more advanced functions despite being a free app.

Are there any good alternatives to Calculator Free?

There are some excellent alternatives. If you can live with the Windows calculator's simple design, then look no further for excellent functionality.

However, some free apps go even further, with functions such as graph plotters and live currency converters. A couple of excellent options are Calculator², Desmos Graphing Calculator, and Calculator+ HD.

Our take

Calculator Free for Windows comes with basic features but with attractive design. However, students, or anyone else who needs more advanced functions, should look at one of our alternatives.

Should you download it?

If you don’t need to do anything beyond simple calculations and want a calculator that looks good, yes. This calculator app is great for younger users.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend it. There are lots of free calculator apps available that will do what you need. You may have to sacrifice aesthetics with some of the others, but they’ll get the job done.


  • Choice of 4 color themes with attractive backgrounds
  • Simple to use
  • Free app with no ads or paywall


  • Limited functionality, which won’t be enough for some users

Program available in other languages

Calculator Free for Windows 10for Windows

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