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An advanced social media network

Botnet for iOS is a social media simulator, developed by Billy Chasen. Powered by AI, the app offers users a chance to enter a virtual reality where they’re extremely famous. There is, however, one small catch - on Botnet, you’re the only human. Every ‘person’ you interact with is a bot. Acting as a journal in the form of a social-network, Botnet offers all its human users, a fascinating and fun experience!

Interact with bots in a closed environment

The easiest way for everyone to become an influencer!

As the only non-bot in a fantasy social media channel, you become an instant hit, instantly! Your first post could garner you anywhere over fifty thousand likes and a few hundred comments. As long as you can believe in this fake-reality, you’ll enjoy being famous.

For non-believers, the app functions as if it were a journal, with bots providing an impression of there being an interaction. As far as the system is concerned, you’re only posting random thoughts, chronologically, with no one but yourself as the witness.

Offers an eerily familiar interface

Botnet for iOS is a cross between social media’s top three applications - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While the layout of the app resembles Fb’s feed, the commenting system takes after Instagram. The chaos that you do see is borrowed from Twitter. Since the app is so familiar and the bots so life-like, it’s easy to forget that the app’s environment is only a simulation.

Who are these other users?

According to Botnet’s creator, Billy Chasen, comments and likes on any post are made by bots that have received training from thousands of online conversations. The bots receive training from the GPT-2 algorithm, a system that is very precise in generating rational text because it has been fed millions of online documents.

Using the training, bots on the app provide constant interactions in which users can easily indulge. From talking about climate change to politics, the bots are pretty apt at giving original replies. Moreover, if you want the interactions to get interesting, you can do so via some in-app purchases.

Pay money to get trolled

By paying a small amount, Botnet users can double the number of bots that like or comment on user posts. Users can also opt for a ‘Dad bot’ whose only purpose is to crack dad jokes. If that’s not enough, you even have an option to activate ‘Troll bots’ that are very similar to trolls you might find online. According to the app, all the money that you do invest directly goes into bot training.

Botnet keeps your private life, private

While some users may want to have fun on the app, others may want to use it as a journal. For the latter, Botnet’s creator has clarified that the app does not capture user data in any way. Apart from basic information regarding app installations and purchases, Botnet does not record anything.

Where can you run this program?

The social media network simulator is powered by AI and offers users a chance to experience being famous. Users can download and run this application on their iOS and Android devices.

Is there a better alternative?

If you’re looking for something similar, but not a simulator where you’re an influencer, you may want to check out Binky. The app provides users a closed social media environment so users can scroll without being bothered by real users.

Our take

The app provides a fascinating insight into the world of bots and allows users to witness first-hand how bots are evolving.

Should you download it?

If you’re bored and looking for some online fun, you should download Botnet! The social media simulator app is a great journaling tool that offers an impression of productive interactions.


  • Interactive social media simulator
  • Doubles as a journal
  • Offers a fascinating insight into bot evolution


  • Some bots need to be purchased

Also available in other platforms

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Botnetfor iOS


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