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Keep your iOS device protected and secure

Avast Small Office Protection is not a usual antivirus program or malware protection for your iOS. It’s a full-fledged tool keeping your device safe whenever you surf the internet. The program has been specifically designed for iPhones and iPads. The software comes with a Pro version, which supports VPN functionality to ensure anonymous browsing. With Avast Small Office Protection, you get complete protection without a heavy antivirus tool.

Multiple features, simple interface, and more

Avast download is an ideal choice for offices and small online businesses, which need a capable security app. The program offers real-time protection against cyber attacks and ransomware, keeping your private, confidential, and financial information safe from online threats.

How many devices are supported?

Like NordVPN, HotspotShield, and X-VPN, this program offers multi-OS support. This ensures advanced security and cross-platform usage. As such, all your employees can use the software without any hassles. Avast for iOS supports up to 10 devices, which can be updated through the same subscription plan. 

Is the software easy to use?

Avast Small Office Protection comes with next-gen security features. Since it has a simple interface, you can easily launch and run the program without any technical knowledge or skills. The lightweight installation package doesn’t affect system resources, and you can continue working on other apps simultaneously.

Like other Avast antivirus tools, this one also offers enterprise-grade tech support via chat, phone, or email. The latest version of the program comes with multiple shields, including Remote Access Shield, File Shield, Ransomware Shield, Web Shield, Sensitive Data Shield, Email Shield, and Webcam Shield.

Each shield focuses on a different function. Primarily, everything has been designed to block spyware, viruses, and other online threats in real-time. Besides this, the program offers a customizable firewall, which efficiently filters untrusted connections and network traffic.

Avast download supports a Wi-Fi inspection, which can fix and find network issues. There’s also a Phishing Net, which utilizes a Cloud database to identify leading phishing websites. The program also has a Real-Site Inspection, which verifies site authenticity.

Avast for iOS features Sandbox functionality, which ensures a safe testing environment. It doesn’t have any effect on your iPhone or iPad. With the Data Shredder tool, you can permanently delete important files, if required.

Avast Small Office Protection can be used with other antivirus tools. In case you’ve already downloaded Avast antivirus or a similar program, the software automatically detects the version and requests an upgrade. 

Our take

Overall, Avast Small Office Protection is a good fit for offices, small online businesses, and startups. With a user-friendly interface, the program requires minimal maintenance. It supports a wide range of features, and proves to be cost-effective.

Should you download it?

Avast download is a reliable, powerful, and simple privacy and security program. It protects your business in real-time without any hassles. Simply put, the antivirus tool is a full-fledged security solution, which has been designed for businesses operating online. Just download, install, and keep your iOS device safe.


  • Supports up to 10 devices
  • Doesn’t require technical knowledge
  • Speeds up device performance
  • Ensures quick installation


  • Comes with limited customizations

Avast Small Office Protectionfor iOS


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