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Simple antivirus to secure your Mac!

Since the launch of Mac devices, people have been proud of the virus-free computing standards. Unfortunately, there have been many reports of numerous Mac-specific cyber attacks. Avast Mac Security keeps your device secure against viruses, malware, and other similar issues. Additionally, the program comes with advanced features like a network security scanner and a password manager.

Keep your Mac free from cyber attacks!

An easy-to-use antivirus ensuring your Mac stays clean.

While Avast Mac Security may not be the prettiest software, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. With numerous functions, it allows you to conduct quick scans to protect your Mac device. Since scans are enabled by default, they run in the background while you focus on work. The main window displays a ‘Protected’ status, until ofcourse there’s an attack on your device.

Easy to get started

When the installation process is complete, the program automatically installs a browser extension in Safari. However, you need to manually install the Chrome extension, in case that’s the browser you primarily use. Avast walks you through the entire installation process, which makes it convenient and quick.

Whenever you visit a ‘risky’ website, the program gives an in-browser warning, a pop-up warning, and a notification from the extension’s icon. Avast makes sure you’re well informed about visiting certain websites deemed ‘risky’. The program goes a step ahead by marking search results on Bing and Google, which saves a good amount of your time when you’re browsing through search engine results.

Loads of security features

The password manager is one of the most amazing features in the program. While you access multiple online accounts, it shields your login credentials, providing another layer of security. Moreover, Avast Mac Security is one of the few free-to-use programs with a VPN, ensuring your browsing history can’t be tracked or logged.

Avast’s antivirus scan not only keeps your web browsers and hard drives secure, but also monitors IMAP and POP3 email clients, including Airmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Postbox. Unfortunately, it still lacks support for a few major email clients like Gmail. The program scans email attachments and messages to protect you from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Avast scans network connections, new files, and allows you to schedule scans. However, the free version doesn’t have advanced features like parental controls, webcam blockers, and firewalls. In order to get these features, you’ll have to purchase the licensed version, which comes in one-year and three-year options.

Keep USB drives and other devices protected

Avast Mac Security scans USB drives connected to the device. While it doesn’t start the scan automatically, it scans individual files as you try to open them. Any file with a virus is instantly quarantined.

Additionally, you can use the program to protect your smartphones and tablets, since Avast comes with a mobile app. If you’re a registered user, there’s no extra charge. Moreover, iPads and iPhones can use the call blockers and password protector programs for free.

Avast Mac Security is a good antivirus program, which detects threats against your device. It also extends the protection to iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to keep all gadgets safe.

While it doesn’t scan USB drives automatically, it ensures each file is scanned to keep threats at bay. For a free version, it’s a pretty good program, but doesn’t come with advanced features like parental controls and firewall.

Where can you run this program?

Avast Security is available for Mac OS, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. For Mac, it’s recommended to use macOS 10.10 or above with a minimum of 500 MB disk space.

Is there a better alternative?

While Avast Mac Security is a good choice, spending some money on other programs can get you additional features. If you’re up for it, Bitdefender Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security will be perfect. Both have received certification from independent labs, and score high on anti-phishing tests.

Bitdefender comes with an AutoPilot mode, which means you don’t have to worry about running scans anymore. Similarly, Kaspersky features webcam blockers, parental control, and network attack blockers. While both of these programs are good choices, you might also want to check out Avast’s licensed version, which comes with most of these features.

Our take

Avast Mac Security is one of the few free programs to come with a password manager and network scanner. However, other advanced features are reserved for the licensed version. While the password manager performs basic functions, the program conducts quick scans on hard drives and browsers to keep your device protected. Overall, it’s a great choice!

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Avast Mac Security is an excellent program to keep your device safe. As compared to expensive software, this free-to-use antivirus program is all you need to keep your device protected from threats.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Scans email attachments
  • Regular updates
  • Fast scanning process


  • Poor phishing protection
  • No support for major email clients

Program available in other languages

Avast Mac Securityfor Mac


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