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If you love reading but struggle to find the time, ebooks can be an excellent way to read on the go. AnyBooks has an extensive library of titles available across multiple genres, all for free and all available to download directly to your Android device.


Devices like Kindle and Kobo are popular choices for people who like to read books while traveling. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and may not have the ebooks you want. Instead, it’s often easier (and far cheaper) to turn your mobile device into an e-reader. 

Google Play Books is a popular choice, although it still features a cost. Cheaper alternatives like Scribd offer free ebooks if you upload files, but that’s not necessarily a legal option. AnyBooks lets you download hundreds of ebooks all for free, with no ads or mandatory in-app purchases.

Is it legal to download ebooks?

Generally speaking, ebook reader apps, such as AnyBooks, function as a library. In other words, they provide ebooks as a public service, which is why there’s no cost involved. Additionally, many publishers make some of their titles available digitally for free across multiple apps and platforms.

However, because it’s easy to find pirated copies of books online, it’s often a good idea to use well-known, legitimate apps. Also, be wary of any app that asks you to pay for its services or ebooks if it’s not from a reputable company.

Download and keep ebooks for free

AnyBooks lets you search for ebooks by title, author, or series. If you find what you’re looking for, click on the title or cover art to save it on your device. You can access and read that book whenever you want from within the AnyBooks app.

Our take

AnyBooks seems like an excellent alternative to paid services like Google Play Books, but there are customer reviews that suggest the app is trying to implement a subscription plan. Besides, it’s not entirely clear where its ebooks have come from, so you may want to try a different ebook app.

Should you download it?

No. There’s no way to know for sure how legitimate AnyBooks is.


  • Excellent selection of ebooks
  • Add notes and highlights to books
  • Plenty of options to tweak font size, screen brightness, etc


  • You can’t filter by genre
  • Ebooks can only be accessed within the app
  • It’s not clear if the app is 100% legal

Anybooksfor Android


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