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Angry Birds Epic - Nostalgic birds

Angry Birds Epic was a fun game that mixed role-playing (RPG) features with the classic "Angry Birds" gameplay. Created by Rovio Entertainment, this game took players on an exciting journey across the colorful Piggy Island. Players joined the well-known birds as they fought their usual enemies, the Pigs, to get back their stolen eggs. This game added new RPG twists to the well-loved Angry Birds style, making it enjoyable for both new and long-time fans. I was available on App Store.

Classic storyline

The story of Angry Birds Epic takes place on the well-known Piggy Island, where the ongoing battles between the birds and the pigs continue. At the start, players meet Red, the famous Angry Bird, who leads the mission to recover the stolen eggs. As the game moves forward, other characters from the Angry Birds world, like Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, and the Blues—Jay, Jim, and Jake—join the adventure.

  • Choosing characters: Players can pick three birds for each battle, which adds to the game’s strategy.
  • Varied battles: Fights against pigs happen in different settings and include regular battles, multi-wave battles, and boss fights.
  • Active combat: Players attack by swiping from a bird to a pig or use special skills by tapping or swiping between birds.

Angry Birds Epic used to be fun

Angry Birds Epic was known for its engaging and interactive gameplay. Before starting a level, players could choose up to three birds for their team, sometimes adding an extra bird via Facebook. The battles required thoughtful strategy:

  • Rage Chili feature: When birds attack or get hit, a "Rage Chili" bar fills up. When it's full, birds can use a powerful rage attack.
  • Rewards system: Winning battles can give up to three stars, based on how well you do. More stars mean more resources to help you progress in the game.
  • In-game currency: Lucky Coins and Snoutlings, which you can earn through playing or buying, were used to purchase classes, spin the Golden Pig Machine, or make items.

Is Angry Birds Epic still available?

Sadly, as of 2019, you can no longer download Angry Birds Epic from the App Store or Google Play. Rovio stopped offering several older Angry Birds games, keeping only Angry Birds Friends and games released after Angry Birds Transformers. Although new players can't download the game anymore, the spirit of Angry Birds Epic lives on through memories of its players and various online community discussions and archives.


  • Simple and easy gameplay
  • Brings back Angry Birds nostalgia
  • Lots of gameplay features


  • Not available on App Store
  • No support

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Angry Birds Epicfor iOS


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