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Narvii Inc developed this active social networking app in 2014. It provides you with a platform to join all sorts of different interactive communities. These groups form on a common interest that you have with the members. 


There’s a myriad of communities to join. Gaming, television, art, animals, sports, anime, and a whole host of different community groups are available to join. When you start up your app, it’ll almost immediately ask you about your interests. The recommended groups you’ll get in the discover feature will align with those interests.

Each community fills with tons of different interactive activities to do and content to peruse. You can roleplay with members in voice or text chat, enjoy some quizzes, endlessly scroll through funny memes, appreciate fan-art, and generally indulge in everything that has to do with your interest.

The social aspect

Let’s not neglect to say that you can make some great friends along the way. What better way is there to build lasting friendships than to base them on mutual interests? You can even personal message people if you want. 

Just be cautious when talking to people on any social media platform. You’re going to want to avoid divulging information such as your address, contact number, real name, etc. There’s always a risk factor to account for, mostly because it’s available for children 12 and older. 

Installation & personalization 

Amino is free, so getting the app is as simple as downloading and installing it. However, if you’d like to personalize your profile, you can visit the digital store to buy handcrafted stickers, profile frames, and chat bubbles. 

Our take

Amino is interesting. You’ll love the diverse communities, creative content, and mostly positive atmosphere. Although there’ll be the occasional internet ‘troll’, the overall community is really good. It’s also great if you’re looking to put yourself out there and meet and engage with people like you.

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s an excellent community app that we would recommend to most people.

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Aminofor iOS


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