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Free Windows dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary (AED) is a free Windows English dictionary with more than 400,000 words. It has a user-friendly interface, letting you access all its features with ease.  

More than a dictionary

This digital dictionary is so much more than a dictionary. Other than word descriptions and meanings, it also comes with images to better understand the word definitions, synonyms, pronunciations, and etymology. It also comes in both UK and US accents to assist with the learning process. You can also click on each word to better understand it, and it also has a relation button that takes you to a similar word. 

The Advanced English Dictionary also has an offline version. So you can get the meaning of a word, as well as definitions and thesaurus without an internet connection. It has an extensive database with words and meanings. The app also comes with something extra like diction definitions, word of the day, search history, favorite words, future reference, and word translation. The app is also simple to use; even kids can use it. 

An internet of dictionaries

The internet comes with a lot of unique features, including worldwide searches and word searches. So, what makes apps like Advanced English Dictionary, Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, and the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary different? Well, as old school as it may sound, they have all the words in one place. You can search for individual words: the dictionary and the translator supports typing and voice searches, and many more other features. 

The Advanced English Dictionary can also serve as a text scan and hard copy translator. But you need a premium subscription to access these features. It also has speech-to-text and word pronunciation as a feature. As well as themes, you can select a theme color and customize the app’s look and feel. However, it comes with one downside, the free version has in-app advertisements, but you can remove this if you upgrade to the paid version. 

Our take

With this dictionary in your pocket, you no longer have to find your physical dictionary to look up a word. You can search on your PC and make use of all the extra features.  

Should you download it?

Yes. It doesn’t matter why you need the dictionary; this is an excellent app for school, work, or personal reasons.  


  • Word search and meaning include grammar and pronunciation
  • User-friendly and free to use
  • Over 400,000 words and meanings
  • Image illustration for assistance
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • The app is very versatile and helpful


  • You have to upgrade to the paid version to get rid of the ads
  • Not all of the words have image illustrations
  • You need to know the spelling of the word you’re searching for

Advanced English Dictionaryfor Windows

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