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Adobe Spark Post is a free-to-use application for mobile devices that lets you edit images and create graphics. There are many tools available that help you change graphics into a wide selection of styles. Once finished, you can share your design on any social media platform with ease.

Variety of tools

Adobe Spark Post offers you various tools that can resize images, apply text over pictures, and perform other standard effects. However, the application includes a few lesser-known utilities, such as the ability to make your text transparent and reveal the background. 


If you're unsure of where to begin when editing an image, you can use one of the many templates supplied. These guides are professionally designed and well made, ensuring that you can create impressive graphics with ease. Additionally, there are millions of free stock photos available for you to use in your images.

Share with ease

The Adobe Spark Post application features tools that let you share to social media from within the app. All your progress is backed up to the cloud, allowing you to edit from almost any device. Merely tapping the share button opens the menu to select your desired social media platform.

Animate your post

One of the more exciting features available from Adobe Spark Post is the option to animate your image. The resulting videos created from pictures are stunning. 

Create almost anything

Adobe Spark Post is an excellent tool for creating a variety of image types for almost any purpose. Some of the app's best uses are creating graphics for social media stories, invitations, memes, and YouTube thumbnails. Many of the options benefit from the beta features, such as removing image backgrounds.

Our take

Overall, Adobe Spark Post is a great application to have on your mobile phone if you regularly edit pictures for various projects. The app is similar to its alternatives, such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop Express. However, it isn't as powerful as Adobe Spark for PC, a paid license application with many excellent tools.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're a content creator in need of an easy way to create a detailed graphic, this application is an excellent choice for mobile.

Adobe Spark Postfor Android


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