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Ace Journey: Collect cards, eliminate opponents

Ace Journey is a very fun game. Made by Jalalludin, this free game mixes word puzzles with card collecting, making it more interesting than just finding words. In Ace Journey, you collect cards that do special things and use them to play against other people. The better your cards are, the more chances you have to win. You can play this game on your Android

How to play Ace Journey

Ace Journey’s gameplay is not that hard, and you are probably familiar with it. Once you get your hands on it, you will see that it is not very different from the others in the same genre. Here are some of the prominent gameplay features of this game:

  • First, solve word puzzles: The game is all about making words, which tests how good you are with words and planning.
  • Collect special cards: As you keep playing, you’ll get cards that can do special things, making the game even more fun.
  • Battle with others: Use your cards to go head-to-head with other players. The game is all about how strong your cards are.
  • Use universe cards for help: There are also these extra special cards that can help you win by doing cool stuff.

Is Ace Journey kid-friendly?

Ace Journey is super engaging, but it's more for adults. There are some obvious reasons behind it. Here's why:

  • It's for adults: The game says it's for people over 18, which means its content is meant for grown-ups.
  • You can buy stuff in the game: You can spend money inside the game, which is important to keep in mind.
  • It's like a casino game, but not real gambling: Winning in the game doesn’t mean you'll win money in real life. It's important to know this difference.

Ace Journey adds a cool twist to word puzzles by letting you collect cards and battle others. It's unique and keeps you coming back to play more. But remember, it's made for adults, and there's a chance to spend real money.  If you love playing with words and strategizing with cards, Ace Journey is worth checking out for a fun challenge.


  • Easy and fun gameplay
  • Collecting cards makes it more challenging


  • Not kid-friendly

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