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WWE free wrestling mobile game

WWE 2K is a free wrestling Android game based on the console original. It neatly fits the action-packed battles on a smaller screen. The gameplay variety, paired with portability and quality graphics, makes the Android version stand as a solid companion to WWE.

Bringing wrestling back in fashion

WWE games have been around for a while. They’ve been a favorite since SmackDown in 2015. However, this title is likely the last in the franchise, with no further updates or new features announced by developers.

While it’s not as strategic or deep as Fire Pro, WWE’s simulations are still immersive and entertaining. The stripped-down mobile version lacks some aspects of the original game, but the development team did an excellent job of transferring the essentials to smartphones.

Gameplay variety

The control system isn’t easy to grasp during your first play-through; it does become second nature after you pass the learning curve, however. There’s no console pad on-screen, so you’ll have to tap to punch, pinch to grapple, and swipe to move.

With combo moves, the interface displays tutorials explaining the gestures that trigger them. It’s a drag when the screen glitches since combat is fast-paced and every second counts. 

You’ll find four main modes in-game. The Career option lets you create a wrestler and fight for titles. Anything Goes and Ladder Matches are more combat than content-based, while Multiplayer pits you against other human players.

Looks excellent on mobile

No game will look as impressive on a smartphone as it does on console or PC, but the WWE 2K creators managed to bring excellent graphics to smaller screens. 

The wrestlers are detailed and realistic, although there aren’t many customization options. Arena and fights look genuine as well. Additionally, despite the quality of the graphics, the game doesn’t take up much space on your device.

Our take

Overall, this game could be improved, but it’s certainly not bad. It could do with more variety and improved performance, but nothing falls too short off the mark. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a wrestling simulation fan. The selection is scarce for smartphones, but it brings tons of gripping action to the ring.


  • Efficient control system
  • Excellent graphics
  • Four game modes
  • Functional multiplayer


  • Lacks some variety
  • Some interface lags

WWE 2Kfor Android


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