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Free future-proof Flash player

SWF Player for Windows is a free player for your Shockwave Flash files. Running Flash programs, opening Flash files, and getting any Shockwave Flash file to work is simple and easy with this effective tool.

Everything you need for SWF files, all in one neat package

SWF Player can quickly open and run any SWF file on PCs. The SWF Player also reads metadata tags from the file header, making it easy to open content to see in your window. Best of all, this player is free. 

Simplicity at its finest

With Adobe Flash Player dropping off of computers one by one, another application needed to swoop in and replace it. The Flash Player by Adobe also helps with opening  SWF files and while it might be denser and feature-filled, SWF Player offers a unique, simple experience.

Running SWF Player on any PC, big or small, is no issue. Flash Player by Adobe, on the other hand, may slow down computers with less power due to the more complex programming. SWF Player is simple and easy to work with as it has a barebones approach to its software.

A straightforward player for an easy experience

Much like other simple reader programs such as CBR Reader, SWF Player does exactly what it says. To quickly open your Flash games, simply click ‘File’ and ‘Open’ your item with the file extension .swf. Next, click the ‘Play’ button and away you’ll go! 

Additionally, you can accomplish this even faster with hotkeys. F11 can open the window into a full-screen mode. After this, you’ve experienced the full functionality of the tool. Nothing complex or mind-boggling to find or learn here.

Our take

SWF Player is an excellent experience for anyone who just needs a barebones file runner. It’s a simple, easy-to-use program that requires little to no research to learn how to use. It’s everything you need to run your Flash games in a simple, easy-to-open package.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a quality flash player.


  • Simple interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a full screen option.
  • Takes up little space on your computer.
  • Uses little RAM when running.
  • Quick startup on most devices.


  • Too simplistic for some tastes.
  • Lacks extra features.
  • Dated software.
  • Cannot run more than one filetype

SWF Playerfor Windows


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