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Tired of worrying that your messages are monitored? Signal is a social messenger software that secures your conversations with powerful encryption. This helps give you peace of mind that no one else will know what you say to your friends, family, and colleague. The social messaging app also has other features such as an incognito keyboard.

Encrypted messages

Signal upholds your privacy even in your daily conversations.

The main feature of the app is the encryption function that makes it hard for hackers or criminals to read your messages. Signal encrypts your message as it travels to the recipient and they are the only one who can read the text.

Signal addresses the problem with trust among big companies. No one can tell if a messaging or social media software is looking at people’s private messages. The encryption protects you and your contacts from prying eyes. This feature only applies to your chat messages and calls, but not your SMS texts.

It is also important to note that Signal is an open-source app, which means the source code is open for the public to check and audit. An outside party checked the app in 2016 and determined that it uses cryptographic security to make your messages private.

Additional security features

The software has other ways to keep your messages private such as paraphrase locking, which hides notifications from the app. The software also has an incognito keyboard. Unlike regular touchpad keyboard, Signal’s feature does not record what you type.

Privacy assurance

While your messages are always encrypted, the process of signing up to Signal can be concerning since you need to provide your phone number. This is where the app will find your contacts and automatically adds numbers that use Signal to the app’s list. What can be concerning is how non-Signal users will receive notifications to install the app without your consent.

Where can you run this program?

The Signal Private Messenger is available on devices with Android 4.4 or better. It also has an Apple version that is compatible with iOS 9.0 or better.

Is there a better alternative? is a good messenger app that protects your privacy. Not only does the app have end-to-end encryption like Signal, but it also does not require you to enter a phone number to create an account. In addition, this app has an open-source code that allows anyone to audit it.

Our take

Signal delivers in terms of private and secured messages. The end-to-end encryption keeps your conversation hidden from other people, including the makers of Signal. The added security features are also good to have if you value privacy. One major issue is the phone number requirement and having the app look at your contacts.

Should you download it?

Yes. While the price of providing the user’s mobile number can be high, it is a security measure to make sure that you own it. In addition, Signal gives you a secure means of sending encrypted messages to other people.

Signal Private Messengerfor Windows


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