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Over the past decade, Apple has gained notoriety as the creator of successful apps and browsers for Mac users only. Until now. With a simple download, you can run Apple’s leading browser Safari on your Windows PC… well, kind of. 

Safari promises to give users optimal browsing experience. Several features were integrated into the browser for smarter surfing and online data management. The navigator prides itself for being 3.2 times faster than other web browsers on the macOS. It also uses machine learning to identify advertisers and remove cross-tracking data to rid you of annoying ads. 

With the many impressive benefits that Safari delivers on macOS, can the internet browser promise Window users the same benefits?

One of the most popular browsers around

Really want to enjoy Safari and all its perks? You may just have to get yourself an iMac or Macbook.

There are several details to consider when it comes to getting the right internet browser to suit your needs. While the number of navigators available is overwhelming, the choice of which one to download is as clear as day. Safari is one of the most popular internet browsers. After all, its design is compatible with products from the well-known tech giant and its promise is simple. To give users the best way possible to see sites.

The Good

Safari is a powerhouse in terms of features and privacy: in fact, security is its number one priority. The browser delivers intelligent tracking prevention measures to identify advertisers and other trackers of online behavior, and remove their cross-site tracking data. If you hate those pesky ads, then you’ll love this browser.

Speed-wise, Safari is the Usain Bolt of browsers. According to Jetstream, this browser runs 1.4 times faster on macOS compared to other Mac browsers. When compared to Windows navigators, Safari leads 1.6 times faster. Of course, you'll have to remember that this speed only applies to the browser when run on Mac.

Like any other product from Apple, Safari draws you into a comfortable user-friendly experience. Its Apple pay feature offers hassle-free shopping and its iCloud component afford you easy surfing across devices. All of this and more when you get the latest version of Safari. 

The Bad

Really want to enjoy Safari and all its perks? You may just have to get yourself an iMac or Macbook. Remember, Safari is exclusive to Apple products only. The program runs seamlessly  on Apple devices using its OS. The latest sleek design that calms your nerves will not be found on Safari for Windows. And for a browser like this, buying yourself a new computer or laptop will definitely not be worth the price.

The Ugly 

If you want to push your luck in getting Safari, you can actually download its 2012 version, Safari 5.1. Installing the older version means you'll be missing out on all the ultimate features and security won’t be as good. Some web pages may also not be made available to you due to a lack of support by the browser's outdated version.

Apple no longer supports this browser version. If you come across issues, you're unfortunately out of luck. The silver lining though, is developers or designers can run tests on this make-do version. Of course, if you don't fall in the latter group, then you’ll find soon enough that Safari 5.1 is a total waste of time.

Where can you run this program?

You can use Safari on just about any Apple product.  Whether it’s an iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch or even Apple TV, you can browse the internet using Safari. If you need to run the browser on your PC, you will have to settle with its older version, Safari 5.1. Getting its updated version for your computer is virtually impossible unless you're willing to jump through a couple of hoops and get yourself a macOS emulator. The same goes for Android devices, as Safari does not have an app available for the mobile devices running on this OS. Needless to say, this browser is definitely not available for your Android Gear. 

Is there a better alternative?  

There are plenty of alternatives to Safari for Windows users. Google Chrome tops the list with its adaptable compatibility with operating systems. While it isn't the fastest browser in the market, it’s one of the best user-friendly navigators to use. It also lives up to its promise of keeping your data safe and allows you to sync your preferences and bookmarks across multiple devices through Google accounts. 

Another seasoned contender is Mozilla Firefox. The browser delivers the fastest page load time with an average of 4.2 seconds. Despite its astonishing speed, it’s very light on your computer’s memory. Sadly, Mozilla does not offer direct support for its users. If you need help resolving browser problems, you'll need to turn to the online community.

If you're planning to use Safari on your Windows PC to test web pages, it's recommended to use an emulator to get the latest version running on your computer. If not, you won't be able to access some websites that are not supported by Safari 5.1. 

Our take 

Safari on Windows is simply not the best. While the up-to-date version on the Mac OS is at par with its competition, it's very limited to the kinds of devices it supports. Keeping this application exclusive to Apple products users may be the company's way of making sure that their devices work at optimal performance. The times are changing and this 2012 version is stuck in the past.

Should you download it? 

No. Do so only if you really need to. Good option for developers who want to test their pages across different platforms and play around with the outdated version. However, if you’re looking for a navigator to help you perform your day-to-day tasks, opt for others in the market.

Safarifor Windows


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