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All-in-one Muslim prayer app

Muslim Pro is a lifestyle app for this demographic, boasting comprehensive religious and lifestyle features, along with a dedicated, global user community. You get access to the Quran and its various translations, accurate prayer times, and mosque locations in multiple languages through this bundle of tools.

Prayer times & extra features

This app is full of features relevant to the Muslim population. Most notably, there’s an accurate prayer time calculator for any worldwide location, so you never miss it. You can set the alarm through your general settings using the information from this app or take advantage of the audio or visual in-app notifications for calls to prayer. 

This religious tool also contains the Quran in various languages and an animated Qibla compass, which points you to Mecca. Muslim Pro also serves an educational purpose, with notations and phonetic aids to enhance your prayer pronunciation.

Furthermore, it contains information about the nearby mosques and halal restaurants in most major cities. You can view a calendar with holy dates and all 99 Allah names, too.

User interface

Muslim Pro displays its features against an attractive white-and-green interface. Its functionalities are straightforward to access from logically-denoted fields on the primary dashboard.

Note that you’ll need to activate your GPS and enable your phone’s Location Services to use this application, though.

Free vs. paid

This resource is available free of charge since the developers sell user location data to third parties to keep it afloat. However, the zero-cost version also has an ad-packed interface, which could be bothersome. 

Alternatively, you could purchase a membership. Apart from removing ads, Premium lets you download Quran audio recitations, set different backgrounds, beads, dials, and color themes, and view prayer times from the widget. 

Our take

Overall, this app is a fantastic, accurate, extensive, and easy-to-use resource for Muslims or anybody interested in the religion. Unfortunately, the free version significantly limits your experience.  

Should you download it?

Yes, if you travel a lot and need a handy prayer kit on the go. Muslim Pro can be quite handy with its comprehensive feature set, especially if you purchase the premium version.


  • Accurate prayer times
  • Over 40 Quran translations available
  • Convenient Quibla compass


  • Privacy issues

Muslim Profor iOS


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