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Muslim Pro by Erwan Macé is primarily a prayer time and Azan app, ensuring no Muslim anywhere in the world misses their daily rituals. It’s much more than that, though, letting you read or listen to the Quran, find the direction of Mecca or a mosque, and join the global religious community. 

A prayer helper

The primary purpose of this app is to give you all you need for correct and timely prayers. It uses your location data to calculate accurate prayer times and then sends Azan, or the call for prayer, to your phone as a reminder. 

These notifications can be visual or audio, and in the latter case, you can choose the muzzein voice you prefer. You’ll also find a complete Hijri calendar that shows you the holy dates and a fasting times calculator during Ramadan. 

It also helps you as you pray, pointing you to Mecca with a Qibla compass and granting you access to various translations of the Holy Quran in writing or audio recitations.

Lifestyle features

If you’re in a new city, you’ll need help finding relevant Muslim spots even outside the prayer times. So, this app features the locations of nearby mosques and Halal restaurants in major cities worldwide, helping you get around and pursue your lifestyle. 

The religious community section lets you connect with other pious people through the platform to communicate and pray for each other. 

Free vs. paid

Since this is a free app, it sells your location data to third parties to keep its business running, causing safety concerns. It’ll also display ads unless you purchase the premium version, which removes them from the interface.

Premium also lets you personalize your experience to some extent, changing the backgrounds, bead colors, and customize Islamic greeting cards.

Our take

Overall, while Muslim Pro functionalities are comprehensive and well-executed, the ad space and location data selling can be a turn-off for many. Otherwise, it’s a handy, feature-packed Muslim lifestyle app.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a Muslim on the go and don’t worry too much about your location data getting sold. This app will facilitate your religious practices.


  • Accurate prayer times
  • Visual and audio Azan
  • Quran in writing and audio
  • Animated Qibla compass


  • Sells data to third-parties

Muslim Profor Android


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