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Powerful and secure password manager

Online security is one of the main concerns anyone can have when using the internet. Although many websites now let you share log-in information, creating fresh passwords is always a good idea. LastPass keeps them all safe in one place.

Feature-rich password security

LastPass is a robust and safe password manager. Available free, paid or with a family licence.

LastPass is a password manager that supports cross-platform use, multiple unique passwords, and other useful features. It’s also available for a premium price, but the free version is more than enough (the family version consists of six premium licenses).

Multiple devices are also covered by the free version of LastPass, which is a feature available in its rivals (like Dashlane) but hidden behind a paywall. There’s also no limit to how many passwords you can store in its vault.

Once you’ve chosen a version of LastPass and created an account, you’re required to install its browser extension and set a master password. For added security, you can also use two-step identification. Premium users can also use biometric identification measures, get access to priority tech support, and 1GB encrypted file storage.

A few key features evident in alternatives like Bitwarden are available in LastPass, but need to be enabled. For example, LastPass password migration covers multiple operating systems, devices and even other password managers, but it’s not on by default.

Finally, LastPass lets you set specific devices as ‘trusted’, which means you can access your account on it using just your master password (for thirty days at a time). You can also ban log-ins from devices you don’t recognise, for even greater security.

Where can you run this program?

LastPass password manager is supported by Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Linux, as well as iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No. 1password, Bitwarden, and Dashlane are three great alternatives, yet none of them offer the same value as LastPass.

Our take

LastPass isn’t just a password manager that offers top-notch security, it also offers many features for free that its rivals charge for.

Should you download it?

Yes. LastPass has everything you need for free, although the premium and family options are handy for businesses/large households.

Lastpassfor Mac


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