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Never worry about a password again

LastPass is a password management app for Android. It works on the principle that you remember a single password or phrase for the app, and the app goes on to remember the passwords to all the apps, websites, and tools you use. 

Manage your passwords easily

You can make sure your cell phone doesn’t become a password blackspot.

LastPass for Android is a great app that offers plenty of power for managing your passwords. It is an easy and quick install - the first place you’ll have to slow down is when you pick a master password for the app. If you already use LastPass on another device, you’ll have a password already. You’ll need to use it to log in to the app. If this is your first time using LastPass, you’ll have to pick a password now - and this is important to remember. This will be the only way of logging into the app in the future and the only password you have to remember from here on out. 

Visually, LastPass is functional, not pretty. It is plain, straightforward, and focused on organization. This is appropriate - it’s a practical app and when you’re using it, you’ll have a specific purpose in mind. As such, the layout is simple to navigate and the options available are clear and direct. LastPass uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry standard, and stores your passwords remotely. Some competitors, like 1Password, store the passwords locally.

The primary purpose of LastPass is to store and provide the passwords to the websites and tools you use. It does this well—when you click on the login box in a given website or tool, you’ll be prompted to log in to LastPass and, when you do, the app will supply your username and password. However, there are occasionally sites that a problem arises. When this happens, you’ll have to go into the app, copy the password, and paste it manually. This happens once every 25 sites or so,  and it is annoying when it does.

LastPass also has a number of other features that will come in hand. The Secure Notes feature acts as a vault for information you want to keep secure. This can be longer log-on information or simply data that you want to store securely. LastPass also offers a Security Challenge, which scans the app and points out weaknesses in your password protocol, like insecure passwords and duplicates. It then offers suggestions as to how you can improve them.

Two further features that are of interest: the Generate Password function, which offers extensive options when it comes to what kind of password it will create for new sites, and the Sharing Center, where you can share passwords with family members and friends who use the same services as you.

Where can you run this program?

This version of LastPass is for mobile phones and tablets running Android. You’ll need Android 4.3+ (Jelly Bean) to use all features. There are versions of LastPass for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and a variety of browsers.

Is there a better alternative?

LastPass’s most direct competitors are 1Password and Dashlane, and it’s a tight race. The features provided by the three are similar (as are most of the other password apps) and where one offers a specific extra service, the other offers a different one. It is worth mentioning that LastPass is a completely free tier, unlike 1Password and Dashlane, for which you’ll always have to pay.

Our take

Having a tool that takes care of passwords for you is a great idea.

LastPass is a perfect app to do this—it offers an ideal mix of ease-of-use, useful features, and an accessible price point. It works well on mobile and has features genuinely designed for modern life.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a must-have app for modern life.


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Passwords stored remotely and decrypted locally
  • Security Challenge strengthens your defenses
  • Family sharing great


  • Interface needs a revamp
  • Some people don’t want passwords stored remotely
  • App sometimes fails to fill passwords on certain sites

LastPassfor Android

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